Living Yoga is a professional, traditional yoga studio which offers a variety of yoga disciplines taught by experienced,

inspired and dedicated Yoga Teachers. Hot Hatha Prana 75 and 90 (minutes), Hot Hatha Sun 60, Yin 60 and Yoga Sculpt 60 are disciplines designed especially for our community of students. Yoga Sculpt 60 is a series of excercises developed to assist students in performing yoga postures with more strength and agility.

The studio is dedicated to growing, developing and promoting a healthy yoga lifestyle for both students and teachers. Our community of practicing students is discovering how yoga compliments their every day life. Living with a yoga practice can actually give a person amazing results! Review our Testimonials Section.



Our mission is simple: "Living with Yoga -
Creating Space in Your Life for Yoga."

A healthy yoga lifestyle will improve your streng th, balance,vitality,energy, flexibility...
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All the Yoga Teachers are certified to teach yoga. A teacher certification process is a very intensive The studio ....
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A Gift Card can be used for class packages, mats, yoga pants, yoga tops, jackets and ....